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3drops is a SaaS product design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, founded by multidisciplinary product designer Farzad Ban in 2010. Over the past decade, we've had the pleasure to partner with Governments, Fortune 50 companies, leading VC firms and tech startups to launch and scale world-class SaaS solutions.

Handful of clients per year.
Each directly lead by our CEO.

We only commit to handful of projects per year. We work directly with founders to redefine the roadmap and together design the best solution possible. All projects are directly lead by our founder & CEO, Farzad Ban.

We walk the talk.
We launch and scale our own startups.

We started our venture studio in 2016 to scratch our own itch. We launch and scale SaaS startups that help us do better work together. We tend to invest in simple ideas with intuitive solutions to challenging problems.

We talk less, do more.
We start with a test week.

We are visual thinkers. We communicate our ideas in motion. We don't do RFPs, nor do we schedule more than 3 meetings before we start a project. To see if we are the right fit, we get started with a simple paid test week.

We specialize in b2b SaaS products.

We've focused on just one thing for the past 10 years. Launching and scaling SaaS businesses in all sizes, in almost all industries. We believe our experience, process and skills are unmatched.

We work with budgets over $120,000.

Our minimum design requirement fee is currently at $120,000. Sometimes, we make exceptions for founders/startups that come recommended by our network with a product. Or they have a really really good product that we can't miss on.

We usually start with a test week.

It's our way to ease into this new relationship without committing too much upfront. Together we prioritise a portion of your project that we can deliver within a week. The result is a prototype that you can implement in your product. The cost of this test week is $10,000 paid upfront.

We work directly with founders.

In most cases, we work in a small team of 2-3. No managers, no middle men. We expect the same from our clients. Farzad works directly with founders on outlining the Strategy and prioritise the right areas of the businesses to focus on during our project. Then we collaborate with you and people from your team to get to the best solutions together.

We move fast.

We don't do wireframes. We never have. We work in grey-scaled, high-fidelity designs from day one and we prioritise different part of the project per week. Our order of work usually starts from Navigation System to Key Flows and we end it with a flexible Design System. We iterate daily, ship prototypes weekly and test our solutions at least bi-weekly.

We collaborate.

We use Roadmap to plan and stay in-sync on priorities, progress and what's next. We use Figma to design products and receive feedback. We chat in Slack. We hold twice a week sync calls to discuss the feedback together. And we do monthly one-on-one calls between founders to ensure a smooth process from start to completion.
Andrew Wilkinson
Founder of Metalab. Co-owner of Dribbble.
Farzad and his team consistently do work that is beautiful and well thought out. We're big fans.
Ted Persson
Partner at EQT Ventures & board member of NOA
3drops is one of the very few agencies I've worked with that thinks and works like a startup.
Thomas Klews
CDO VFS Global
Without Farzad and his team we would have not been able to launch our new platform for over 60 countries within 3 months from start to finish - their speed and efficiency, yet thoroughly thought through design approach and delivery was truly impressive.
Orman Clark
Founder of Dunked
What I enjoy the most about working with 3drops is their bulls**t free approach, making work simple, painless and straight to the point.
Wilson Fong
Partner at Venture,
Prev. VP Partnership at Threadless
3drops is one of the most talented design teams in the business. There is something powerful yet simple about Scandinavian design which 3drops take to an elevated level.

If you’re looking for amazing quality & world class design,
3drops is your partner.
Phillip Bückendorf
Co-Founder at GoodTime Labs, Inc.
3drops has pioneered a process that makes them to move faster than any other team I’ve had the pleasure to work with. They design, prototype and validate ideas in a matter of days, enabling us to make big decisions with ease.
Tyler Crowley
Founder of STHLMTECH
In a city full of good designers (Stockholm), the 3drops office is home to some truly remarkable talent. It also happens to be home to some really nice people who also make the process itself simple.
Derek Haswell
Co-founder 10% happier,
backed by Khosla Ventures
3drops is the best design firm that I've worked with - full stop.
From their handle on the overall project goals, to their rapid high quality iterations & prototyping, to their careful attention to every detail, 3drops improved the design and quality of our app, which has paid (and continues to pay) dividends for the business.
Dom Leca
Product manager at Google, Co-founder of Stuart and Sparrow
It has been great working with 3drops, engaging in a genuine design dialogue. Their commitment and skills let you iterate fast on what you know you want and explore uncharted territories that you might not have ventured into.
Garry Ing
Manager at Format
Format worked closely with 3drops in creating new and unique designs that will be used by creatives of all disciplines. Through a collaborative and iterative process, the resulting work showed new and novel possibilities that extended our platform.”

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