Opportunities to grow

3drops is a global design innovation agency. We partner with the big, bold and brave to seize new digital opportunities.

5 positions

Design director

Full time
↳ Hire, evaluate and grow a team of A-designers
↳ Pitch projects with leadership to clients
↳ Scope out design projects in timelines and milestones
↳ Ensure high-quality design standard across all client projects
↳ Develop and improve our design processes

Product designer

Full time
↳ Deliver world-class interaction designs from concept to polish
↳ Design solutions based on research, user goals, and business requirements
↳ Solve complex design problems in a simple and intuitive way
↳ Communicate design decisions in the context of client business goals
↳ Collaborate with leadership and communicate effectively

Marketing designer

Full time
↳ Create engaging and inspirational concepts for our social media channels
↳ An ability to take an idea and translate it into something that makes an impact
↳ Knowledge of current design trends and can introduce them into your designs
↳ Can create design concepts quickly and communicate clearly the design decisions
↳ Collaborate closely with the team and explore different concepts

Motion designer

Full time
↳ Design and create stunning motion graphics for our website and social media
↳ Translate storyboards and creative direction into engaging, effective motion designs
↳ Create templates and guidelines for other team members
↳ Take initiative on projects and over-deliver on new ideas
↳ Incorporate feedback and collaborate with team members

Marketing manager

Full time
↳ Implement social media and communication campaigns to align with marketing strategies
↳ Develop ideas that are value-driven and serve the community
↳ Build relationships with customers, industry professionals and influencers
↳ Engage in online conversations and respond to queries in a timely manner
↳ Organise and participate in online events to boost brand awareness

3 values

Dream big, plan small

We all dream. We spend most of our awake time visualising what the future might look like. At 3drops, our dreams are rooted in reality. We plan realistically, create small actionable milestones and deliver on what we envision.

Dare to experiment

Curiosity and open-mindedness guarantees that we end up on the right path. Nobody knows the future, instead of waiting around looking for the perfect plan, we experiment with different solutions until we strike gold.

Own your work

If you’re working with us, it means we believe in you and we know you can do what you are hired to do. We work together to unlock each other’s full potential. We give you the environment and tools to own your work confidently.

3 principles

Plan your schedule

We don't track hours or look over your shoulder. Do what you think is best for the client and have full autonomy of your working schedule.

Work collaboratively

We like working together instead of creating silos. We wholeheartedly trust the foundation of our remote collaboration to produce great work.

Express yourself

Don’t hold back, in every discussion or meeting we say how it is. We like to get to the essence of things. We value different perspectives and encourage everyone to speak up.

3 stories

11 years young

3drops was founded in 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden by product designer Farzad Ban to serve as his one-man design studio. Since then, the 3drops offering has evolved from a full-service design agency to a digital agency to SaaS product design. Today 3drops is a startup studio for enterprises.

110% remote

We’ve always been remote. It wasn’t something we did because it seemed hip. We did it because it was the only way for us. All processes you see today is the result of continuous experiments, we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Digital culture

We meet online, work online and make a living online. Our culture is defined by who we choose to work with, both team members and clients, and influenced by the trust we put in each other.


Find your place

Interested in working with us but couldn’t find the right role? We’re always looking to meet brilliant minds. Drop us a short message with a link to your work.

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