Farzad Ban
Founder & CEO

Product obsessed entrepreneur and investor. I value transparent communication, simple ideas and thoughtful execution. Currently advising startups I admire, guiding our clients to prioritise the right things to focus on, and experimenting with new product ideas to launch for ourselves.

I started working as a freelance designer working remotely from Stockholm with early-stage startups in US. Some of these teams became much bigger with time and with them, so did my business. I started building my own remote team in 2014 and started investing in our ideas/startups in 2016.

Today, we fund and grow our own b2b SaaS business and work with our clients to run theirs, by sharing everything we've learned in the past decade of launching and scaling all kinds of SaaS businesses. I'm proud that we get to work with some of the smartest teams I know, on creating tools that make life a little bit easier for other teams like us.
Roadmap is designed and built at 3drops. A product innovation lab for SaaS companies in Stockholm, SWE.
Funded and designed by Farzad Ban, Founder & CEO of 3drops, started during his Christmas break in 2015.
Roadmap is built from the ground up by 3drops CTO, Griffith Chen, since early 2016.
Roadmap was awarded as one of the most upvoted products on Product Hunt three years in a row since launch.
We hire part-time developers to collaborate with on shipping features. React, Go, Node Js. Your jam?
Email us.
Andrew Wilkinson
Founder of Metalab. Co-owner of Dribbble.
Farzad and his team consistently do work that is beautiful and well thought out. We're big fans.
Ted Persson
Partner at EQT Ventures & board member of NOA
3drops is one of the very few agencies I've worked with that thinks and works like a startup.
Thomas Klews
CDO VFS Global
Without Farzad and his team we would have not been able to launch our new platform for over 60 countries within 3 months from start to finish - their speed and efficiency, yet thoroughly thought through design approach and delivery was truly impressive.