Introducing Roadmap + Zapier

Super excited to announce the release of our new Zapier integration. With this simple tool, you connect Roadmap to over 1000 apps such as Slack, Google Calendar, Jira or Github, to automate repetitive tasks. To get you started, here are our 3 most requested integrations in Zapier.

Farzad Ban
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To start, let's quickly review our own custom Slack integration on Team plan. Once you've connected Roadmap to your Slack, we send members reminders on upcoming tasks, milestones, deadlines in their selected Channels as well as daily updates on what their team members are currently working on and their status.

Think of it as your friendly side-kick, cheering you on what's ahead and keeping informed on the latest.
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But with Zapier, you can automate a lot more and here's one of our favourites: Add a Task/Checklist item to Roadmap by Starring a message in Slack. Rescue automation for those days you get requests/feedback as messages in your Slack instead of adding them to the task. 🤦🏻♂️
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Google Calendar

We know how easily time can run away from us. You lend someone 20 minutes of your time, next time, 40 minutes and before you know it, you are only left with 3 hours to complete all of your own tasks. That's why we rarely jump on calls to "discuss" or "brainstorm" something. We do our own homework, write them down to structure our thoughts and compare notes with each other and then, if needed, we jump on a much shorter call to align on the next steps.

With this simple Zap, you can move your meetings to your Schedules on Roadmap so you remember to prepare for the call on time.
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This Zap allows you to add your Milestones from Roadmap as Events to your Calendar to always keep the next thing in mind when you are scheduling calls.
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Jira/Github updates

As Roadmap continues to grow teams love to use Roadmap to plan their sprints and track each other's progress in our visual workspace. But one of their pain points has been to keep the rest of the team updated with their progress as well as staying in sync with each other's progress.

With this integration, you can push/receive updates on the progress on the task/issue itself as comments to stay in sync without leaving your flow.
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This Zap allows you to add new issues as tasks/checklists to Roadmap. This is to avoid the back and forth between teams and making the responsibilities crystal clear for everyone involved in a smoother collaboration. ✨
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And so much more!

We can't wait to see your workflow automations. With over 1000+ apps such as Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Airtable, etc, the opportunities are endless.
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We are currently working on a new page for Roadmap to showcase our most popular integrations/zap, if you would like to be featured, tweet a screenshot of your workflow to us and we'll include it in our page.

Until the next update,
enjoy Roadmap

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